Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post Christmas Martinis

I'm a grown up now. I officially, with my husband, spend more money on gifts for others than I spend on items for myself all year. I carted my children all over God's green earth for the span of a week until I believe it officially constituted abuse. Have you ever heard a child refuse the promise of presents if they'll just please put on some pants and get in their car seat?

Well we've finally visited our last family member, the kids have stopped asking for more gifts, and today we had a family hike. It's one of the kids favorite pass-times. And when we got home we enjoyed a marathon of Spider-Man on Netflix. God I love cartoons. Ultimate Spider-Man is a good one. We had about two intense hours of begging them to stop wrestling and to be quiet before it was finally late enough to call bed time and squeeze them into some pajamas. Providing they stay asleep we have several hours of peace and liquor before I admit defeat and fall into my bed. Yes that time will come, but first, a few post Christmas martinis are in order.

Vodka, you are my only friend.

How are you all unwinding after the holidays?